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Insurance for your home, car and business – and everything in between

Insurance can be a nightmare!  A simple home insurance estimate can start you thinking – maybe you need a whole raft of policies?  Contents insurance, buildings insurance, mortgage cover, life assurance…and then the car policy is up for renewal.  You could end up swamped by estimates!

And that’s just home insurance - if you’re in business, it’s just the beginning!  There’s professional indemnity cover…public liability insurance…key-man insurance…and so on!

You may need the whole kit and caboodle.  Or just a few choice policies…. 

That’s where your insurance broker steps in – someone impartial who knows the market.  Someone who can source a business or home insurance estimate to suit your circumstances.

At Howell Insurance, we have access to a wide range of financial products on the market. 

That means we’re independent.  So whether you’re looking for business cover or a home insurance estimate, we act for you - not the insurers.

For a free quotation, just select a policy.  Or if you prefer the personal touch, we have real people on the end of the phone, to assist you in arranging your insurance. 

Either way, our job is to banish the nightmares and take the hassle out of insurance.

Put Howell Insurance to the test, call (01446) 792505

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