About Us

Unless you're the kind of person who reads small print for fun, insurance is a bit of a guessing game! You could be looking for business cover, car insurance or a home content insurance quote - whatever insurance you need, it's easy to get caught in the riddles of terms & conditions.

At Howell Insurance, we love all the small print! We've been reading it for years. Since 2003, in fact, when Martin Howell took over the family business in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Howell Insurance are Independent General Insurance Brokers who guide clients through a wide range of General Insurance services. Whether you need a quote for home insurance or you're renewing business cover, you can always rely on our independent opinion.

And the best part is, our advice is free of charge!

 Whichever policy you choose, all you pay is your insurance premium. (We'll prove it if you want!) Call us now on (01446) 792505 and we'll arrange a competitive and comprehensive insurance quote.