Choosing your level of cover

Whether you’re looking for Commercial Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, Life Insurance or Home Insurance, the first question is always the same:

What level of cover do you need?

You do have a few responsibilities, and this is mixed with your attitude to risk when we choose your commercial or domestic policy.

So what are your responsibilities?

  • For vehicle insurance, the law requires you to hold third party cover as a minimum.  Fully comprehensive cover is optional – but if you’re to blame in an accident, repairs to your own vehicle won’t be covered.
  • For home insurance, your mortgage provider will insist that you hold buildings insurance, to cover the cost of rebuilding the property if the worst should happen.  But contents insurance is optional – it’s all down to you and your attitude to risk.
  • For life insurance, you have no obligation to provide a level of cover unless stipulated by some third party contract (eg a mortgage).  Click here for advice on choosing between insurance and assurance.
  • For commercial insurance, again your obligations are only set by others – maybe a bank or other financier will insist that you hold a certain level of cover for the duration of a commercial arrangement.

Choosing a level of cover

When you call Howell Insurance for a quote or advice, we’ll discuss your personal circumstances or commercial position.  We’ll consider your responsibilities and explore your attitude to risk, then recommend a level of cover that suits you as an individual.

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